Another First!

77ab44ee4f09bf048739a8d70f4a4181I received a pack of plain tote bags today that I ordered off Amazon along with printer transfer paper.

I was so excited when both parcels arrived today!

After tea I set my printer up and printed out two drawings, tiger 1 and tiger 2 to practise with.

Tiger 1 was fine until I realised my signature had come out back to front! I remedied this for my second attempt by flipping the picture before I printed it out. This time everything appeared ‘normal’!

I was quite pleased with my efforts but unfortunately my phone camera is rubbish so the picture quality is a little grainy.

It seems to be a week of firsts for me so here’s hoping to future success!


First Blog!

OK! So today is another first for me! On Friday I created myself a new FB page called VMBARTYDOODLES on which I will be showing some of the artwork I have completed in the past year. The idea of creating a blog is so I can talk about other things too in my day to day life that have inspired me to use my creative side! I am hoping that I am starting this blog site off OK as I really haven’t a clue what I am doing! I am new to this and had an hour or so instruction from my youngest son today on what to do. I had no instruction on ‘what not to do’ so please be kind! I’m not sure myself yet which direction I hope to go with this but I find that’s part of the fun! Anyway, here goes! I am now publishing my first ever blog!!!!